Landscape Design

Landscape Design Process

Our design process begins with a visioning conversation. We walk the property with you and focus first on listening to your vision. Think of it as you commissioning a work of art. You are explaining to the artist what you want to express in the finished product. After listening intently, we will offer other ideas and suggestions from our experience designing creative outdoor spaces. In the end, it is a collaborative effort resulting from your vision.

Nature provides the most beautiful designs

We have a strong belief that nature provides the most beautiful designs. In much of our work, we strive to find ways to incorporate natural resources—rocks, boulders, water features, area appropriate trees, plants, and shrubs, etc. When it is necessary to use man made materials, we work diligently to match them to the natural surroundings so they integrate seamlessly into nature.

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Photo-Realistic Design Renderings

After you have communicated your vision, at your request, we will create a photo realistic, computer generated rendering of your project. You won’t have to try to imagine your design, you will have a photo quality design of the project before it ever begins.

landscape design rendering